Charging stations for electric cars

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The charging stations for electric cars have now been upgraded to semi-fast Type2 (up to 22kW). Here, all electric cars can charge and utilize the maximum power that the car can receive. BKK has also taken over operational responsibility and thus all inquiries regarding charging must be directed to BKK on tel. 55 12 82 00 or email:

Payment can be made in one of the following 4 ways:

The app “Bilkraft” which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Remember to register a credit card for the first time.
Chip registered in the “Bilkraft” app that you use on BKK’s fast chargers
SMS with code “LADING START <charging point> <reg number>” to 1960
Alternatively, can be used.
In the app you can also see the status of what is available. If you do not have mobile coverage in Eikedalen, then log on to the wifi network at the ski center.

Remember to bring your own Type2 to Type2 cable.


NB! Kiwi Bjørkheim and Kvamskogen landhandel have fast chargers!